We strive to create better function within our athletes/clients and give our coaches the tools and understanding to create functioning athletes/clients.

FUNCTION – A purpose, an action or use for which something is suited. Having a practical application or serving a useful purpose. Our body is primarily designed to survive. It is secondarily designed to adapt and will quickly adapt to what we do the most. We are programmed to have a survival instinct and all physical actions stem from this instinct. We are designed to access basic human functions and movement skills to facilitate our longevity. All these basic functions or movements can be performed with our own bodies or with external stresses like excess weight. These fundamental functional movements will develop the general physical skills and in turn cultivate health, then strength and in will also lead to performance and aesthetic gains.

When we were a primal hunter gatherer we would use these basic movements to facilitate our own daily survival. We would move across the land often travelling vast distance to hunt or gather food. We would build shelter from the elements we would lift, pull, push, carry, or climb. To escape danger we may need to exert speed and agility or fight to defend ourselves and to stay safe. None of these things would be possible if we were weakened or chronically injured. In today’s world we are not faced with the same challenges that we did thousands of years ago but the importance of moving in these ways to keep our bodies healthy and biomechanically balanced should still be prevalent. Our needs as humans have changed dramatically. We as a rule tend to spend large amounts of time in a seated position. This means our bodies will quickly adapt to what it does the most which is sitting. We are quite literally becoming chair shaped, unhealthy and overweight.

This means that functional movement now needs to address this lifestyle issue first to create a balanced body. Only then can we push our bodies to perform without distorting our movement patterns and breaking down our skeletal structure, creating poor pattern movement and eventually decreased performance and leading to potential injury. Sadly the natural survival instinct to stay healthy and strong has been eroded in the modern world of convenience and comfort, so it is important that we encourage in ourselves a smart and health based exercise regime built upon creating proper function. The way we approach functional training has nothing to do with the modern twisted notion of functional training being about standing on a Fitball doing squats whilst balancing a kettlebell on your head! There is nothing wrong with using a Fitball, they are great for focused posterior chain activation if used correctly. We may also use Kettlebells within our programming, but we use these with adherence to correct form and cutting edge training methods that people of all fitness levels can access. We do not do circus tricks! We do structured health centred strength training to create optimal function. Below you find everything you need to take a first step into a AFM world.

Have a nice ride ;)